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  1. zeptoon


    If I create a Futures brokerage account with Tradestation does that let me run backtests on stocks/stock options?
    Or do they restrict your historical data access to whatever account type you have setup?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You can order whatever historical data you want no matter what you trade. Stock data fees are like $1.00 per AMEX or NYSE or NASDAQ so you can just add them.
  3. daily (or weekly/monthly) data is free. You only get access to intraday data if you subscribe to the RT data feed. Of course you can subscribe for a month, cache the data,then drop it.

  4. With a futures account you will only be able to trade futures in that account. BUT, you can subscribe to any part of the data services as mentioned above for a small monthly fee, and then have access to stock data. You can then chart stocks, and develop strategies for them, but not trade them unless you open a stock account.

    Guess that's why I don't care for the account setup at TS, but do subscribe to use the software and data(witha small futures account). I use IB via an Advisor account(s) and can trade anything in one account. Hello TS, wakeup!