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  1. Is there a TS rep that hangs out here?

  2. We already hanged all TS rep who were hanging around
  3. Nana Trader do you still use TS?

    Do you think they are improving the platform?

    In general we all would want to hang their support but ever once in a while I would get one that was truly helpful:D

    I haven't used them for years and am starting to think about getting back with them.

    I am not activly trading now-thankyou in advance- I am getting ready to go to my night job.-dw
  4. smoss


    I currently use TS. The bottom line is that the software is great, very versatile, easy to learn how to write your own indicators or strategies, but... The servers are extremely unreliable, very frequent problems with level 2 data as well as order transmission, and the support is still next to nil. I stay with them because I'm hooked on the software. Do your own risk/benefit analysis.
  5. I ask as I cannot get any assitance via phone for this particular Q that I have.

    I have a copy of TS2000I on a old hard drive and I can no longer find the the password to reinstall. Was wondering if there is a file somewhere in the instalation folder that will get me this or the registration #, or something else that will help so I can reinstall? Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Make 'em pretty, Chris
  6. PDX


    It took about 2 months to work my way through the Tradestation legacy system to get help. The person who helped me (and hopefully is still there) is Meloday Blais. She is the single person at Tradstation who works with people who have the old version. After working with her, she sent me a permanent password for my 2000i software. Hope this helps.
    Melody A. Blais
    Legacy Software Support
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    Is there a list of guidelines anywhere for converting TS8 code back to TS2000i e.g workarounds for new TS8 functions/commands/reserved words not native to TS2K? I see snippets on the forum but don't know of any comprehensive guidelines.
  8. If it is a legal copy, then send an email to with your details and they will reply promptly with the password.