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  1. I wish I could rate them, but I have not posted enough yet. NEVER EVER use tradestation. Customer service horrible. Customer service managers horrible .Can never short stocks I want to because there never available. Used them for over 2 years. Platform is good but that is all. Please consider their service carefully. I have only used them and ameritrade, so my expierence with a multitude of firms is small. Check for review of them once i have reached 30 posts. It will be scathing. They have no idea how to run a biz.
  2. 20 mins wait to get to Client Services.

    And thats considering no one calls them because of the horrible waste of time.

    Well, I came to the realization that there won't a great brokerage with everything you might be happy with...
  3. I agree 100% with the original post. I've yet to have a good customer service experience with them. I recently tried to move my IRA from Fidelity so I could trade it more actively. After they messed up details a couple of times ("oh, we opened this as a regular account, not an IRA") I told them never mind and went with IB for that account. I still have a small regular account with them just to trade and pay for the platform. If it weren't for the platform I wouldn't use them at all.
  4. Tradestation like Ameritrade, Etrade,...similar firms are serving majority non-intraday traders, why ET members don't understand?

    Longer-term traders don't need immediate phone support much , because they aren't pennypinching, meantime their account size is much larger than average intraday trader with $5K in his account

    No wonder why TS securities don't bother about ET Crybabies, it's all your fault, not tradestation, so they won't even care
  5. Customer Service is customer service. I do not recall a broker putting up a note saying that our customer service is polite to these specific accounts or clients. If you are a broker and have a fiduciary responsibility over an account then you ought to have customer service to address the broker's @#$% ups.

    The point that is valid is that if customer service blows, then you take your money eslewhere.
  6. Happy customer of Trade Station here. However it is true that their customer service is slow but I think I called them once in one year (about the split with CBS shares) because I have no problem with the platform. In a way, I'd rather use a broker with bad customer service that I rarely use, than the opposite. For me the quality of the fills, the quality of connection (one disconnect a year so far) is just what I need.
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    I have tried every charting platform out there, and despite the sucko customer service whenever TradeStation has a new release, I could not live without my TS charts.

    Most serious traders have more than one broker.
    I have not lost connectivity more than 2 x in the past 12 months.
    I also trade around the world on my laptop.
  8. If you need good customer service, I think it's best to use a full service brokers. If all you do just trade, why do you need customer service? I been using IB for two years, and I think I called them twice.

    I am moving some of my money to TS because of their platform.
  9. I am with you Surdo, I have two brokers, two Internet connections, 3 computers, and one 30-minute supply power.
    Trading is difficult enough to minimize the stress of failure from technology.
  10. You have to call them when they make mistakes on your account statments etc. Mistakes happen...

    Last time I called them was to save $17, and next time.. I would rather take the loss rather than being onhold for ~20 mins.
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