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    I just moved my money out TD Ameritrade and into TradeStation. I have to get use to their interface, but, so far I’m not really liking it. I do like the commission free trading they offer to Military and first responders though. Since I have over 3K in trading fees at TD.

    How does everyone like the software?

    I will Be Trading from an iPad, or surface book pro. I’m still deciding between the two. I will Be Trading mobile while I’m doing a 2 year contract away from my house during the day.

    My favorite interface is Ninja Trader, but,
  2. speedo


    Haven't used TS in years but when I did, I liked the charting but not the brokerage.
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  3. TradeZero_Mohamed

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    You can try out TradeZero America
    You get 4 different platforms including mobile. Free commission trading, No platform fees for clients in the military.
    paying 3k in fees is not needed when you can get all trading tools for much less.
  4. MattZ

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    Do you trade Futures? Equities? I can provide alternatives but just wanted to know the asset class.
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    You can connect your TradeStation account to MotiveWave for better charting. The API that they've given MotiveWave access to supports Stocks and Futures.
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    I’ve observed it today! Seems ok for how I trade, but, time will tell.
  7. MattZ

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    QST has one of the better native apps for iPad. Great charts and DOM.
  8. I thought that one of the best looking (and functional) was TT (Trading Technologies) App.
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    The OP discussed iPad, and QST has a native iPad app. TT is indeed a very nice interface and design, but we were not able to connect to the latest iPad version. We were told that it's for Phone and Web-based for now.
    TT did work on older versions of iPad as far as we know and I hope they will update it on the new iPad app.
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