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    I am a Canadian Citizen wanting to trade out of a corporate account with TradeStation. I understand that Canadians are unable to trade through with TradeStation. Firstly, does anybody know WHY that is? Secondly, does anybody know how I can get around that?

    Thanks for all your help.
  2. You've got a finger, use it.

    Phone: (800) 808-9336 or (954) 652-7677
  3. Your top notch guberment is hosing TradeStation.

    From the TradeStation annual report:

    "A Pending Inquiry by Canadian Regulatory Authorities Has Limited Our Business in Canada and Could Result in Substantial Fines or Settlements

    TradeStation Securities was contacted by Canadian regulatory authorities regarding its acceptance of Canadian residents as clients, and trading securities on behalf of those Canadian residents, without TradeStation Securities being registered in Canada. We are cooperating with Canadian authorities and expect this matter to continue for several months. This inquiry could result in substantial fines or settlements and affect TradeStation Securities’ ability to accept futures and forex brokerage accounts (it already does not accept equities accounts) from Canadian residents, which could adversely impact our future revenues. As a precautionary measure, TradeStation Securities has not accepted any new Canadian resident futures or forex accounts since the inquiry was initiated. It is likely that TradeStation will need to close a large portion of its existing Canadian resident futures and forex accounts during 2010."

  4. really cool!! We pay so much taxes and still they they have so much problem using trade station.
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    You will need a US social security number and pay US taxes on earnings. Open TS account with US SN number ...