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  1. java5555


    I have absolutely had it with this garbage trading platform. ES ladder has been frozen on and off all day. Current market 888.50-888.75 Last at 886.00 WTF???
  2. May be a server problem. Try a different server under preference, network.

    Lag of >10 minutes this AM.
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    Eventually you will all learn!
  4. Tums


    Don't blame everything on the broker/data provider.

    I use IB, my data was spotty all morning.
    I checked their website for server status. Everything was fine.

    I reset my routers. They are all fine.

    I called the ISP. They did a quick diagnostic from the main switch, found a fault in the phone line.
    No big problem, they will send someone out tomorrow to fix things up.
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    Tradestation is garbage for an active trader. They buy their data from esignal I think which is garbage also. DTN and cqg are a little better but still suck in fast markets. The more messages that keep happening every day at an exponential pace makes these data feeds get worse and worse. The only good retail feed for the futures is zenfire maybe tt but they both don't do stocks. If you want a real good feed like radez or activ etc. be prepared to pay alot for it.
  6. Try the following, It appears to be working for me as i haven't noticed any delay since i forwarded the ports on my NAT router 3 weeks ago.

    You can call TS and have them tell you how much data is not getting through to your computer, it used to be several MB's data that bounced on my computer before.

    In order to download and run TradeStation from behind a proxy or firewall your network must be configured to allow the following:

    • Incoming and outgoing TCP/IP connections through port 11000, 11001, and 11020.

    • Incoming and outgoing TCP/IP connections to the following address range: (from to (from to (from to (from to
  7. I completed my application 2 weeks ago and still have not heard back from them. Seems a bit slow. anyone else have this problem?
  8. Give them a call, i am sure they want all what they can get right now (That complies with the req's of course)