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  1. PLANTATION, Fla., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TradeStation Securities, Inc., the award-winning* online broker-dealer and FCM operating subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc., is excited to announce it will now be offering commission-free trading to customers who use its web and mobile platforms for exchange-listed stocks, options and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Customers trading options will continue to pay $0.50 per contract without a commission charge. This new commission-free offering on the TradeStation web and mobile platforms is branded TSgo.

    "Whether through education or by offering traders a community, we are committed to making trading mainstream and less daunting by empowering all people – regardless of experience, age and financial status – with the knowledge and resources to help them develop their financial futures," said John Bartleman, President of TradeStation Group. "By offering commission-free trading to our customers on our web and mobile platforms, we're breaking down yet another wall to help traders access the markets."

    For more than 30 years, TradeStation Securities' purpose has been to help traders gain an individual financial edge. Now, TradeStation customers will be able to enjoy the company's flexible, on-the-go web and mobile app trading, superior customer service, and wealth of educational offerings they have grown accustomed to, without paying commissions.

    "Our goal is to inspire the next generation of traders to jump into the markets," said Bartleman, "with the comfort of working with a trusted and established player that has been in the retail trader space since 2001."

    ***The press release does not state whether the zero commission only applies to US residents.
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  2. I have just been in contact with Tradestation. I was told that commission-free trading at Tradestation also applies to EU residents. That is great news since commission-free trading at Interactive Brokers, Schwab, Ameritrade and E-Trade only applies to US residents.
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  3. I spoke to Schwab. They offer zero commission worldwide.
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  4. What? I was told the opposite when I contacted Schwab. Very confusing. But great news if it is true.
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  5. Yea, I told about IB restrictions and they said they don't have any geographical restrictions. I would be extremely careful about Tradestation though. They are in financial mess and could go under in the next recession.
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  6. I just contacted Schwab again for the second time on their chat. Here is the exchange:

    "Does the commission-free trading of US stocks apply also to EU clients?"

    "Unfortunately, the commission free trading is only for US based accounts."

    "Ok, I have just been receiving conflicting information. Somebody claimed it would apply to clients globally."

    "I do apologize for any confusion. It is only for US based accounts, unfortunately it does not apply for international accounts."

    How did you receive the information that they don't have any geographical restrictions?
  7. WTH, I used their online chat service on the day they announced.
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  8. 2019-10-03 16:24:34 [​IMG] Jake R. Hello, welcome to our Rollover & New Accounts Chat!
    2019-10-03 16:24:57 [​IMG] Hello. Does zero commission on trades apply to outside the US accounts?
    2019-10-03 16:25:08 [​IMG] I'm based in the UK and would like to open an account.
    2019-10-03 16:25:20 [​IMG] Jake R. Yes, it does!
    2019-10-03 16:25:35 [​IMG] Ok, thank you!
    2019-10-03 16:25:36 [​IMG] Have a good day!
    2019-10-03 16:25:42 [​IMG] Jake R. My pleasure!
  9. I just used their live chat. They said yes!!!
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  10. trader99


    All we need now is someone to be "innovative" and a trailblazer and start announcing zero commission on FUTURES!!! Come on, IB!! You can do it! :)
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