Tradestation ZB quote not available?

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  1. I used to get ZB symbol (electronic bond) from Interactive Brokers but now I am just using Tradestation. Tradestation support people said CBOT stop broadcasting the electronic 30-yr bond?? I swear I saw the live data a few weeks ago with Interactive Brokers. How do I get ZB from Tradestation (I asked for YH and ZB)?
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    There appears to be confusion with symbology used in TradeStation. For CBOT markets that have both pit and electronic trading, TradeStation utilizes the pit root symbol for both sessions and distinguishes them by adding a .P extension on the pit symbol.

    For example:

    30 Yr U.S. T Bond December 2005 conract: USZ05 (electronic market symbol) USZ05.P (pit market symbol)

    The CBOT terminated trading for the mini-sized U.S. T Bond contract (symbol YH) as of October 21, 2004. Here’s a link to the CBOT Notice.,3206,1032+22987,00.html
  3. Thanks. Do I need to pay the $40 a month CBOT fee just to get this symbol? Is there a proxy I can watch during the day without additional fee? Thank you for your help.
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    Yes in order to receive real time quotes you would need to subscribe to the CBOT for $40 per month.

    You can chart daily bars with a 10 minute delay for free.
  5. Thanks.