Tradestation. Yes or No?

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  1. I've been looking at moving to Tradestation.
    I trade options, futures, equities.
    I want to move into automated trading which Tradestation does. They also have a "radar" system.
    I'm interested in hearing your opinion of tradestation.

    Speak up! Don't hide!:eek:
  2. TradeStation is great for charts....but for me....I use another program for trading.

    There are many traders using TS for Automated can go to the TS Forum....once you sign up....and you will find help developing a Strategy for Automated Trading.

    If you trade with can get TS for free....including RadarScreen....providing you meet the minimum trades per month.

    For I do....the TS too slow....and I find it Stoneage compared to other trading platforms. For Equities....I did trade with TS....and that worked fine....but I stopped trading equities long ago.

    Good trading to you!

  3. Moved away from it about 6-7 years ago.
    Can't understand how anybody could make money with this.
  4. Tradestation is a good platform to develop mechanical strategies for individuals who don't know any programing language such as C plus.

    Unless you are using TS 2000i or Tradestation 8 with Owndata 2, you will need to sign up with their brokerage firm, which is mediocre and their automated system is not all that great. There is also the issue of running your computer all the time during the automation process which subjects you to power outages, your computer problems and problems with your ISP.

    Strategy runner's API model may be a better alternative. Your strategy is written in C plus and uploaded to their servers and orders executed to a participating broker. I'm exploring the latter but there may be some limitations in the type of strategies you can use it under. It may not be able to use more than one data set, for example an e-mini ES strategy with TICK data as an indicator.

    In summary, independent of the brokerage issue, if your purpose is to execute a purely mechanical unattended trading strategy than there may be better alternatives out there.
  5. It is ok tool for beginners...
    Everyone have to start somewhere :)
  6. tomhaden


    I use tradestation for charting only. Execution is done elsewhere.

    TS doesn't have the best fills, but lots of traders use it for execution.

    As for charting and reliable data, its at the top of the list.
  7. Sanjuro


    I would use TS only for it's backtesting and charts.

    Maybe if TS lowered it's commission
    And started paying more than 1% for interest,
    You may consider using them as a brokerage also...
  8. opw


    Same here... I have tried most, but like TS best. Very reliable and up to data data, even on the open.
    I do not use the backtesting and do not like radarscreen that much, but I guess it depends on what you are doing.

    I use the trade-ideas scanner with it...

    The are two things better in qcharts: candlesticks are better becuase of thicker wicks
    and the Qcharts hotlists... cant understand why only qcharts has these great hotlists....:confused:
  9. maxpi


    Tradestation has some hotlists as I recall. Are the ones in Qcharts better?
  10. lundy


    if you need realtime radar capabilities, radarstation is very good. It would be easy to re-create things from Trade Ideas or your own indicators if you know basic programming concepts.
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