Tradestation with other international markets

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bandit77, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Anyone use Tradestation with other international markets besides the US and Germany? if so, does TS provide data feed for other countries such as the markets IB is in like Japan, Korea, UK, etc? if TS doesn't provide data, do you use a 3rd party data vendor to work with TS? I've heard the DAX and KOSPI futures are good to trade when US markets are closed, so wanted to see what's possible. TIA
  2. i've also hit a wall with tradestation's range of markets that are chartable in realtime. i'd like to chart the LME, TOCOM, ICE, etc, but i'm guessing from their lack of adoption that it's just not cost effective with their current customer base. at this point that's really the weak link with their platform imo. they don't even offer nymex copper trading

    I was looking at owndata and the feeds it works with. haven't checked them yet for access to these exchanges. also been looking at xtrader and matlab combo, esignal, reuters etc for both charting and trading in a wider range of global futs exchanges

    the TS backtesting and optimization tools have just become very comfortable over time, mostly for the speed from conception to implementation, in spite of numerous limitations etc. for the timeframes i trade, it gets me most of the way there but it sucks being limited to dollar based trading and US markets because of what's chartable in rt
  3. looks like esignal pro can bridge the gap. any users? happy, sad
  4. Couldn't you simply search TS site yourself? I'm wondering how you are going to trade?