Tradestation with Iphone

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tom1234, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Tom1234


    Anyone know how well Tradestation will work with the new Iphone?
  2. RedDuke


    I am actually posting from iphone right now. I do not think it will work. Applications are preset on the phone. The device is phenominal, but you will need a browser based application to trade from. It is too dangerous to begin with, so I would not recommed it anyway.

  3. SO Trading with IB is a done deal eh?? :)
  4. RedDuke


    not really. I just tried, but the applet would not load. The login screen never came up.
  5. So IB's Web Browser (not webstart) version is a Javascript... Oh well. LOL.

    Apple should have left Java in there. My SIdekick is Java based. SLOW as mollasses, but I ccould trade with it.....

    Trust me, I dont. LOL.

    iPhone is my new toy.....If not just for the voicemail....
  6. jtnet


    iphone? phshh.

    sprint 6800 mogul all the way.
    for real power users
  7. Cumbersome....

    I Like svelte design...
  8. why not use run logmein on the home computer with tradestation or trading programs. then access it with logmein on iphone. I'd be interested in how that works out.