TradeStation Windows & Multiple Monitors

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eminitrader39, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. I have a friend who has TradeStation 2000i and I was thinking of getting it myself, but he can't open "workspace windows" outside of the TradeStation program and into another monitor. And I'm accustomed to using QCharts which allows me to open multiple workspaces into multiple monitors.

    Can someone tell me if there's a method in which I would be able to do that with TradeStation? And if there is, can you tell me how to do it?

    Thanx! :)
  2. Kymar


    If you're thinking about switching to TS, the first thing you have to do is stop trying to organize it or make it behave exactly like other charting software. I agree that floating windows that appeared on multiple monitors would be a superior option to what the program does offer, but, for me anyway, other advantages outweigh this limitation.

    As to the specific problem, how you would address it depends on how many monitors you have and what kind of trading you're doing. I use only two monitors for daytrading: I design and load around seven "active analysis" workspaces (different layouts of charts representing different ways of analyzing the market in general or of prospecting for trading opportunities), and then load a set of six to twenty "active trading" workspaces, each named for an individual stock ticker, each nearly identical in layout to every other, each designed to be displayed across two monitors, each including different intraday views, L2, market views, etc. Switching between these workspaces, once loaded, is at least as quick as loading new charts with the kind of linking feature typical of Cybertrader Pro or Real Tick, with the added advantage of having whatever analysis work saved uniquely.

    I won't go into much more detail here - if you're not willing to be creative with the software and not interested in its unique features (customizability, enhanced analysis, system-work, etc.), then you'd probably do better with CyberTrader, RealTick, or someone else.
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    Kymar-- If you're the same person as on the S.I. board, welcome. I always liked your insights and way of putting things into perspective. Your contributions will no doubt only add quality to this site. If your not the same person, welcome anyway.
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    How many Kymars can there be? The only other one I know of was a pet rat - he's dead.

    Thanks for the encouragement - do you post on SI? If so, I don't recognize your moniker.
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    Nah, just a lurker. Even on this board I don't post too often. These past two days however, I've probably doubled my posts because a subject piqued my interest. The S.I. board seemed close to death a few times so I decided to be here, although I liked the "tight ship" approach you and others maintained there.
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    On one of my workstation I run TS6 that has couple of workspaces each with 10 charts position across 2 monitors or so.

    As a result, the tradeStation area is extended over 2 monitors.

  7. Thanx PKJR! The key word here is "extended". All I had to do was extend the workspace window to the desired length depending on how many monitors I'm using.

    This was my first post here on this Forum and got the info I needed, fast ... this is COOL!

    Thanx for the input everyone! :D