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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Casey30, Mar 3, 2004.

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    I have been trying to determine amongst all the info on elitetrader what is the best charting and programable software to use across multiple markets(i.e. stocks, futures, forex futures, etc). It has been nearly impossible short of trying both myself.

    You have people bashing tradestation, while at the same time you have people bashing wealthlab. So what is the real deal? Also, what other alternatives out there are better then the aforementioned?
  2. gms


    I once found a whole thread on ET devoted to that very topic.
  3. it depends upon what you wish to do with your trading.
    Tradestation has an all-in-one package: charting, strategy/backtesting, scanning(Radar Screen), online brokerage, & data service. Pretty good all around package.

    Wealth Lab has the charts/testing. For data you will need something like esignal or Also you will need a brokerage like Interactive Brokers. Ok with WL you now have three separate pieces and still no scanning like Radar Screen.

    Esignal offers an excellent data service and has now become an excellent charting, system/testing, and with hooks to brokerages as well. Their scanning is not for me since no user indicators can be used for scanning.

    So, decide what it is you need and select the best.

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    An interesting side-note: Has anyone seen the TASC Reader's Awards this month? Check out how Tradestation swept up pretty much like LOTR: ROTK did at the Oscars...