Tradestation vs. Open E Cry for Futures

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  1. Hi all, which would you prefer? Tradestation or Open E Cry for your futures and forex trading. Opinions?
  2. What is the acct. mininimum for Tradestation?

    The acct. minimum for Open E Cry is $5,000.

    I use Open E Cry -- no problems so far. The charting isn't great but I don't use their charts that much anyway.
  3. What provider do you use and prefer for charting? I think Tradestation is where I'm going to go because I can create and back test my own strategies. TS's minimum is also $5,000.

    PS: Why are the account minimums so high compared to something like Greenstreet where I actually put up only 750 or somethin. Are margins higher with TS and Open E Cry on most their contracts?
  4. openecry doesn't offer forex (other than forex currencies).

    openecry has almost no fees -- tradestation has fees up the wazoo. But tradestation charting is a rolls compared to openecry's Yugo.....
  5. TS has what fees? Aside from 99.95 for platform and the additional for data feeds. Are there any other fees associated with this?

    Also, how can you compare Tradestation's charts to the like of say... eSignal's?
  6. Aside from the $100 a month fee....dude are you rolling in money? :p

    They actually waive the fee with 10 round trip futures trades per month, not a bad deal. The data fees are what kill you ....they really add up. openecry doesn't have them -- but they're not the same type of systems. I'd suggest trying them both, but I guess it depends what you're looking for in a broker.

    I've never used esignal, I can't comment on their charts. From what I've read (you can read the reviews on this board) I think tradestation is considered the top charting platform (hopefully someone else who uses charts more than I do can give a more definitive answer ... I use tradestation for automated trading not charting).

  7. I deal with Open E Cry and they are really professional and have excellent customer service. I had the same dilemma when i started looking for my broker, and went with Open. Very easy to deal with, free charts and no hidden fees. I tried them and decided that they are it, at least for now. One of the best organization I have dealt with in this business.
  8. I selected Open E Cry as one of my brokers. IB is my other.

    Excellent customer service, commission rates and free order entry platform, charting and real time streaming with historical backfill.

    I use Neoticker with their free data feed and OEC Trader for my order entry. Their charting was inadequate for my trading style.

    IMO, one of the best brokers in the business.
  9. Well no, I mention the fee as no biggie cuz I do 10+ trades a month with futures contracts so... No biggie.

  10. Hey do you guys know if I can write my own Easy Language script that programs buy/sell signals strictly based off the MACD indicator?
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