Tradestation vs Multicharts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by saatfj, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. saatfj


    I am testing Multicharts with their 30 day free trial... so far I'm very impressed. I have used Tradestation but not very much fond of their monhly fees specially for Radar screen.
    Is there something Tradestation can do that Multicharts can not do?
  2. Baywolf


    Well since you mentioned it, TS has what they call RadarScreen. Heh. But not for long, as I understand MC is beta'ing their own scanner
  3. Tums


    The defining question should be...

    What are the things Multicharts can do that Tradestation cannot do?
  4. what does mutli charts cost?
  5. or what can Tradestation do that Multicharts cannot.

  6. saatfj


    I m testing the beta version and there is a Radar Screen like feature called Market Scanner supposed to take many thousands of symbols as oposed to just 1000 with TS. I have not been able to copy/paste lists of symbols into it as I can with Radar Screen though. I am used to Easylanguage which is also the programming language in MC
  7. Tums


    The OP has already asked that.

    Since TS is the Windows charting pioneer, and the reference against all other charting software that came afterward, one can only demand the challenger must do more, otherwise it is not a worthy challenge.
    Thus the wording of my question...
  8. Well, just in case.

    Multicharts does not have it's own Data Feed, TS does.

    Multicharts does not have time and sales, I know ridiculous, TS does.

    Multicharts does not work as a discretional ordering system.

    Multicharts does not display DOM's data.

  9. TraDaToR


    And does Multicharts handles limit orders in automation now? I knew they didn't 1 year ago.
  10. Really ? What about STOP orders ? STOPLIMIT ?
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