Tradestation vs. IB + Ravenquote

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kenstl, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. kenstl


    I've been using datek + ravenquote, which isn't bad if you only trade nasdaq thru island. Since the SEC has seen fit once again to screw us with the new margin rules, I'm thinking about moving to the new tradestation brokerage platform since I now have to pony up at least 25k to day trade anyway, and tradestation wants 30k to open an account and they give you the platform for free including data fees.

    Alternatively, I could open an IB account and enjoy their lower commissions, esp since I scale in and out of positions, generally trading less than 500 shares per ticket. I have a feeling that I might get eaten alive with the tradestation commissions.

    Tradestation order entry seems cumbersome compared to IB - no hot keys, manual typing of symbols, etc. However, it does allow for pegged orders, and it would be nice to have my software and broker integrated for a change.

    Does anyone have any insight into my dilemma or face a similar decision???