TradeStation vs. IB + Ninja

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  1. Oh I didn't know that was possible, however I imagine that the requirement to open an account are huge ($$ )?

    Thank you for the reply
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  2. the real question is how long to you need to get to this growth rate ( years, months, days ?? )
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    I use Tradestation with IB as a backup. TS is excellent for charting and both are reasonable cost with low commissions. However, beware that both will give you inaccurate tick information (if you rely on tick charts) because of the way they process the data. Also, if you are scalping or daytrading I have noticed a significant lag in the TS data verses IB......IB being faster.
    I love Tradestation for its charting capabilities and low commissions. I use a combination of TS and IB with Zeroline Trader as an IB front end. They are relatively inexpensive easy to use, and have worked well for me.
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  4. I have an almost identical setup, with IB as a broker, ZeroLine Trader for trade execution, but I use thinkorswim instead of TradeStation for charting as TOS was the package that I first started trading with and I still really like how their charting is put together.

    For someone interested in using TS without funding account, they will let you use their platform for $295 a month (I believe feeds etc. are extra on top of that). Depending on your funding status it may be preferable to open a regular account with the minimum required funds as part of your low-risk portfolio, such that returns hopefully cover your monthly data access fees.
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    I manage to trade enough the get the TS platform for free (either 10 RT in futures or 5000 shares per month). My total monthly cost for data feeds and exchange fees comes to $29. That gets me both the emini data that I follow, as well as all the equities I'm interested in.
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