Tradestation vs. Assent

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by alphabull, Dec 29, 2003.

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    Which system is better, ie more reliable, faster execution and more useful. I have read that the biggest complaint of tradestation is their lack of documentation. Does Assent provide better documentation? What are the commissions like on Assent? Does anyone find the backtesting on tradestation useful? or the easylanguage programming and does assent have something comparable?
  2. Tradestation does provide extensive documentation (although no access to their API ...)
  3. What is Assent?
  4. Assent is a broker catering to daytraders and prop traders, used to be called Andover. Their platform is the Hammer. My understanding is that it is purely a trading platform with the ability to watch for specified market activity. It is not a systems testing or trading platform like TS.
  5. Thanks for the info, so it is basically not comparing apples with apples? But then you could make Assent a TS competitor. :)
  6. Hammer/Assent has an excellent API that I have programmed for a number of strategies. It is well documented and is stable.


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