tradestation v. tos

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  1. i use tradestation

    the only thing i actually feel paying $100 a month for their platform is worth it

    a) real time access to 20 years of historical data
    b) super nice platform

    I use it every single day in my trading.exceptional.
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  2. I'm currently running OptionVue 5, and hear that they are getting ready to create an OptionVue 6. Anyone have information regarding this?

    Is anyone using an OptionVue equivalent? I would like to know what else is available, as I mentioned earlier, I'm a big disappointed with OptionVue.

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  3. OptionVue 6 finally came out . . . if you aren't an owner, you probably haven't heard about it. They have added real-time . . . competing with TOS is kind of moot now, esp. with the TD Ameritrade deal. So happy I don't have a TOS account right now.
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  4. Loki


    If you type keywords like " Optionetics "on ET you will find some info.

    I trade options myself and that's 50% of my trading and I use TOS.

    I have been to Optionvue 1 day seminars, I also met Dan Sheridan, I have been to the TOS and the OIC seminars, pretty much the same places where everyone is going.

    Optionvue is a very solid software and so it Tradestation, you can do a lot of backtesting, however they both come with a price.

    I usually subscribe to Optionetics for a few months a year when I want to test strategies back in time.

    I would stay away from Optionetics seminars, however when it comes to the software for about $ 1000 you have one year subscription.

    What is the best software ? It really depends on the person, obviously a Maserati is better than a Toyota, but if you just need to go to the store to get some milk, then who cares.

    A lot of people don't even know how to use their software and a lot of people use only a small percentace of the software they have.

    Personally I keep it simple. Optionetics let's you backtest options on both stocks and futures and it is cheap compared to other softwares.

    Please don't tell me that I am promoting them, I am just giving my opinion. I am in no way affiliated with them. I do not have a subscription with them now, and I don't care if you get one.

    Hope it helps.
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  5. HORSECRAP compared to COWDUNG.....take your lose either choice...
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  6. Well, OptionVue6 is out now, and I can't say that its overly impressive. I'll grab the free trial, but not expecting much. The 411 on TOS says that they are going to have some amazing back testing software coming up in FEB 09, so I think I'll hold out for the free stuff.
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