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    I have looked into Platinum and Optionvue, but based on my requirements I find them overpriced so, obviously, I've never used either one. However, this is the whole point of my intial response and the response of others, my requirements may be completely different from yours so my opinion has absolutely zero value to you.

    I've never considered or looked into tradestation.
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  2. thank you very much. I really appreciate your input.
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  3. OK, lets be positive!

    I'm currently using TOS as my full time broker.

    I'm working with an optionvue 6-month demo right now and have a few thoughts about the software.

    1) The user interface is not intuitive or very clear. I learned the TOS trading software in an afternoon as it is very intuitive, however after three weeks on optionvue, I've found that it remains difficult to understand why my account values and greeks are affected in the way it presents them as changed as traded are inputed into the program.
    2) Account tracking is not very clear. The trade log is a great tool, as I usually enter trades here, or clear out out mistrades, but this is only a patch to what is otherwise a lousy user interface.
    3) Delayed data. I hear they are coming out with real time, but come on guys, compete.

    4) The only reason I would use anything other than TOS is for better back trading features, and for better analysis tools. Optionvue is superior for these features, but for the cost???? No way. Not because its too expensive dollar per dollar, but because its unreasonable to support a product with so many shortcomings.
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    I also once did a trial of Optionvue and had very much the same impression. I think the problem is that over the years they've kept adding one thing on top of another to the extent that it's become one big unnavigable mass of legacy upon legacy upon legacy. I had trouble making the simplest things work right - I'd call support and they'd have me jiggle this and tweak that - it's just ponderous beyond belief.

    I think what they need to do is start with a clean slate and rewrite the program from scratch. I won't hold my breath though.
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  5. thank you very much for the input, it is very valuable to me. I genuinely appreciate the time and pleasant attitude.

    Have you guys had any problems w/tos's scanning features. this was the one feature of optionvue's "opscan" and "survey" functions that seemed like it might be worthwhile. I tried out the software briefly, but not enough to feel comfortable w/these functions.

    How do you guys go about scanning for various spreads (I personally prefer calendars, condors and DD's). It seemed that that was the one feature that tos was lacking. Is there something on that platform that I am missing??
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  6. I'm part of Dan Sheridan's mentoring program and they just had Tom Snosnof (sp?) on fro TOS and apparently they are working on a number of upgrades to both the scan and analyze functions.

    I agree, both the scans and analyze functions could be upgraded. I think the two major things they are working towards is to allow for more variables for the scans, and to allow better positions P/L tracking in the analyze tool. It usually takes a bit of time for them to release the tools, but they normally seem to come through.

    One thing they said is that they work on upgrades according to the number of customer request they receive, so maybe shoot them an email as I and others have done. I don't know about you, but I spent over 25K in commissions this past year so I would expect to be listened to!
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  7. If TOS can create a backtrader like optionvue , add volatility scans and show the P/L after you made your adjustments on your trades together with some upgrades on the analyze page than Optionvue will be out of business.

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  8. again, all of your input is very useful to me. That is great news about tos. I hope that they can implement those measures sooner rather than later.

    I am most interested in the scan and analyze features. that would be great and i agree that optionvue would be finished. thanks again.

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    I use both TOS and TS. Trade futures, equities, and options in both "cash" accounts and IRAs. Initially thought TOS could be a one stop shop for me. But had a bear of time getting proprietary indicators coded for TOS platform (need for options and futures). EasyLanguage on TS is easy. Last year moved some $ to TS and use TS for futures, but still trade options at TOS (futures trading at TOS was clunky).

    My choices were based on how easy it was to code indicators/alerts, and not on commission or other factors.

    Overall, I prefer TS platform (8.4) for indicator and strategy development, back testing, real-time scanning for equities, and equity swing trading. Downside is their software platform is a resource hog, and futures execution is un-impressive. Customer service is disappointing.

    Prefer TOS platform for options, because (a) already familiar with platform, (b) is easier to unwind complex positions, (c) occasionally still get in trouble with option trades and customer service or broker assistance at TOS is shockingly good (and fast).

    The development team at TOS seem very customer-focused and if they continue improving their platform at the current pace, I can't imagine ever trading options at TS.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  10. thank you very much.
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