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  1. I'm asking an help to Tradestation 8.1 build 3006 users:

    I just started to use Tradestation 8.1 with Own Data 2.4.
    I have esignal datafeed.

    I've still not been able to open a tradestation chart, Quote Manager in Own Data seems to work regulary (Symbol YM H6).

    When I open Tradestation (in offline mode) and I try to open a chart:
    In the symbol lookup I've put YM H6, then 3rd party simbol data source?? tried own data but doesn't work....
    Then file name?

    could someone give me a help
    good trading to everyone
  2. forgot to ask this:
    which prefix have I to put?

    tks to all

  3. Surdo


    YMH06 is the Dow symbol on TS.
    I am not sure if this answers your question, but good luck.
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  7. tomcole


    Finding tradestation very difficult to deal with on basic issues. Anyone truly happy with them?
  8. Is anyone ever truly satisified with any software app?

    I've been using their products since 1988 and I'm "used" to them and to the quirks and bugs the software has.

    What basic issues are you having trouble with? Have you tried to get answers at TradestationWorld forums? I've found the forums are better in many ways than the documentation or a call to tech service.

  9. skepticaltrader

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    Have you tried ES:YM H6 for e-signal datafeed?
  10. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    Here is a screenshot using TS and Owndata 2.4 for YM H6.

    Hope this helps.
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