Tradestation upping ECN book fee

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stock777, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Hmmmm. just got a letter saying Tradestation is going to charge $20 a month , (up from $10 a month) extra for the ECN books. They're supposedly adding the INCA book at some point (pseudo justification).

    My first , second and third impression is GOUGE.

    The base platform fee is modest enough for brokerage customers, but if they need a handout, they should just pass the plate. $20 a month for ECN books is silly. (How much does it COST THEM for the data??)

    Anyone else think this is stupid?
  2. to add the INCA book to their data feed

    it might well be worth it

    especially if their book includes time and sales

    info AH and pre market hours as well as book info
  3. Cybertrader has had the INCA book for some time and IB shows the inside of the book.

    I doubt if you'll get anything but the book quotes. If inca trades , it shows up on t&s anyhow, last time I looked.
  4. Well, looks like no one cares about the extra 10 bucks.

    They should have tried 20.
  5. TOL


    Are you happy with their system? I'm replacing a broker and would be happy to get some opinions. I nearly find only IB customers here.
    TS fees aren't cheap, commissions looks ok, this leaves the SW and their customer service - what's your impression?
  6. Frankly, I'm not using them for trading at this point, only data/charts.

    I do have some issues with the speed of their quotes, vs. IB. They are frequently lagged by 3-4 seconds (stocks, the futures quotes seem ok). 3-4 seconds is a long time when you are scalping, or trying to fill a limit order, that is stale.