Tradestation Unreliable/Delay Data

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    Anyone trading QM through Tradestation? They have problem with their QM data for the last 2 weeks (delay data). Several people complaining through their forum but still not fix. Is there a way to use other brokerages data to Tradestation? and maybe send order from Tradestation software to other brokerages as well?

  2. I am the starter for the theard "becareful miNY trader". The fact that no TS guy reply means that they will not fix it. If they are in the process of fixing it, someone will post to relief the anger.


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    Try this.

    Use TS data to feed Ninja. Execute through broker who supports Ninja. You can also use Automated TS strategies, to execute your trade techniques directly through your NT supported broker.

    Many futures choices. IB and MB at present as far as stock options.

  5. QM data is still delayed. Like trading isnt hard enough with live data, Im glad that TS can make it a litte harder. :mad:
  6. this chronic problem with QM via Tradestation has become very annoying. i feel sorry for anyone trying to trade it only with TS data , beware, your 'real-time' quote could literally be 10 mins old in fast markets
  7. ok this is happening again bigtime at the moment, should we all call it in to market data sppt at once and maybe that will elicit some support for the issue
  8. You can count me in. I love trading the QM, and its terrible now:mad:

    Thanks alot TS. The reason i switched from Esignal to TS is that Esignal was constantly lagging. That worked out great ( insert sarcasm!)

  9. Why feed NT with TS data....that is like putting diesel in a new Lexus GS430???

    Use NT with TT or Zen-fire, or even both together.

    There is a webinar for NinjaTrader users (or those checking it out that I just found out about from Vcap Futures) on the 20th of this month - you can find out about NT "feed" capabilities there.......
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