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  1. I'd like to use tradestation for research that observes COT data and Seasonals. Are these what's referred to as 'Plug-Ins'? if so, are they free or is there a monthly charge? In a scenario with tradestation being our broker, as long as 10 trades a month are made, the software and live data is free. Does this change once the COT plugin or Seasonal plugin is added? Are monthly fees charged per plugin? I'm currently using Genesis Trade Navigator, but I haven't found any overall positive feedback for their trading platform on this website. I'd love to hear from any trader currently using the trade navigator platform and have had positive results.
  2. I currently use Trade Navigator Gold. Since backtesting is important for me I thought I would try their Platinum version that does backtest vs the Gold that does not. As far as backtesting is concerned with the Platinum version, I have been sadly disappointed and frusted to say the least

    I have literally spent hours a day trying to get the software to give me consistent backtesting results. For example... in backtesting a simple moving average crossover where you program a long becoming a short if the crossover is bearish, and a short becoming a long at the same crossover, the program seems to consistenly execute only (1) trade, whereas it should have executed (two) trades. ( ie. long is exited, and short is entered nearly simultaneously at the same pivot point.)

    The program consequently does not compute the profit and loss correctly for the backtesing period, since it never seems to close out one of the positions at each pivot point.

    I have repeately called their customer service and have proven to them that their backtesing program does not work properly. To ensure that I am not making mistakes in programming their software, I have them follow live, my every step via remote assistence, where they are able to see on their screen exactly what I am doing.

    Time after time they have agreed with me that the program does not seem to be reacting properly, and at the end of every conversation, they tell me they will have to call me back to provide an answer as to why the program is malfunctioning after concurring with their programmers.

    After a few days they call me and allways justify these program erros using various unintelligeble excuses.

    In closing I have decided NOT to purchase their Platinum version that retails for $2,200+ dollars as their backtesting results always seem to be inconsistent and full of erros.