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  1. Hi, I have 4 strategies that I’ve written using EL in Tradestation 8.1 for trading a couple of currency crosses. The problem is that I need to get the orders generated from Tradestation 8.1 routed to my FX broker automatically. Now I know that this can be done with TS and other Gain Capital compatible brokers, but the issue is that they do not allow positions to be hedged. The ability to be in the market going opposite direction on a single pair is vital to my trading because I run multiple strategies, for example one may be long EURUSD and another would want to short EURUSD at the same time. InterbankFX is the only FX broker so far that I can approach who allows mini accounts and also the ability to hedge positions. Is there a way to get my orders that are generated from TS8.1 routed directly to InterbankFX? Any help is appreciated!



    Here are some of the stats for my strategies for the interested, slippage is included in these reports, and half of the historical data was out of sample:

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    Why not use sub-accounts and trade one strategy per account? That way you can choose a broker based on a broader range of criteria.

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    Not sure what your issue is here?

    You automate with Gain & Tradebolt.

    You short 1 mln eurousd @ 12650 then you have an order to buy 500k eurousd, your net position will be short 500k. Why would you want to show the positions as short 1 mln and long 500k?

    I spoke with Tradebolt last week and they told me that they would have multiple accounts within another week or two at Gain. So then you could send different workspaces to different accounts if you so wish.

  4. Thanks for the response, the problem with this setup is that i have for example 2 different strategies which trade the same pair, and at any given time they might be hedging each other. The systems are written to trade individually, and their performance reflects trades that are unaltered by any other system. So it is important that they are able to open their own position rather than modifying an already open position from the other strategy. The reason I integrated these 2 strategies is that it smoothes out the equity curve and makes an attempt to keep the draw downs low.
    To help demonstrate this, compare graph A to B, imagine that these 3 strategies are traded on the same pair.


    I’m currently considering opening separate accounts with a Gain Capital compatible broker, although I am a bit uneasy about splitting up my capital into the number of pairs that I’d like to hold hedged positions in. So InterbankFX seem to offer the ideal way for me to do this without splitting up my account, only issue is routing the orders directly from TS 8.1 Trademanager to InterbankFX. Does anyone know of any third party software that would be willing to work with this setup?

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    Have you considered using Oanda sub-accounts, which allow going long and short on the same currency pair?

    They've a good API too.
  6. SR works with Gain and GFTforex and allows seamless integration with TS

    Also with an broker that usses Currenex

    SR allows you to have unlimited strategies hedging each other in all times
  7. yes i was considering oanda, sub accounts eh? i'll have to look into it more.

    SR seem interesting also, i'm also going to look into that.

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    Hello Futures_Man,

    are you talking about

    TradeStation - Currenex connectivity via StrategyRunner ????

    I would be very interested, I you have or you may refer to more informations?

    I currently do TradeStation - IB's Idealpro for Autotrading FX and preparing for the 'next step' towards professional FX plattforms.

    There are very little information puplished.

    Regards & thanks in advance
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    TradeBolt also has conectivity to HotspotFXi that will be released this week, if that helps.
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    Thanks for the info,

    very interesting,
    but TradeBolds pricing modell really don't fit my needs.

    At it cheapest 'Level E' they are charging (after 500 monthly) PLUS
    $1.25 / per $25.000

    So for a standard trade at IDEALPRO of $125.000 I would pay

    $2.5 to IB, that fair
    $6.25 to TradeBold !!!! :-((((

    and thats the cheapest you can get!

    I think, therer is a real mismatch in the relation.

    Anyway, maby TradeBold supporting HotSpotFX will force
    other competitors with flat priceing model (TradeBullet, NinjaTrader) to the professional FX market.

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