Tradestation to IB automation macro

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by AnomalyResearch, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. Have tweaked the IB workbook to automatically take orders from Tradestation (any version) and place them for execution on IB traderworkstation. Email for a copy. I expect an email back with any improvements !! :)
  2. would appreciate a copy to

    will certainly send back any changes/improvements...
  3. Unfortunately, I use Metastock. Sure would be nice to see something someday to automatically send MS Expert signals via IB's TWS. Waiting, waiting...someday. :)
  4. Would very much appreciate a copy of that Macro. Thank you for your work and we will certainly get back with you if we can improve anything. Reply to:

    Thank you: :D
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  6. ntfs


    Would very much appreciate a copy of that Macro.
    Please e-mail to


  7. Guys are you looking at this list in text mode?

    When you registered did you provide your email address?

    Just click on AnomalyResearch's hot link to EMAIL him.

    I suggest we keep this thread open for discussion and feedback

    of this great gift.

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    Is there any way to collect the quotes that come in to IB's TWS and display them as a chart in Tradestation?

    I've got real time data and a nice charting package, it seems there ought to be a way to have real time charts!

    #10     Feb 26, 2002