TradeStation, the ugly gal under the Veil...!?

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  1. Why does TradeStation, NOT have a Demo?!!!
    Is it because they have something to hide?!
    Do they want to scam the traders into an illusive myth?
    It's kind of like, these arranged marriages when the groom doesn't get to see the bride(let alone test drive her...) and the bulk of the rumor is she is OLD & UGLY...


    real facts, deserve real answers, ....(TS attack D**s, please, keep off(unless you can offer real facts)).
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    I was very impressed with TS' software based on the pictures and videos, but I refuse to open and fund an account with them just to get access to a DEMO of their trading platform. (Will they refund the interest on the $$ I send them in such cases for the month I demo their system? I think not....why give them money for a preview?)

    TOS, OXPS, OpenEcry, and many others offer free virtual accounts on their platforms that anyone can use for a while to see how it works. Not TradeStation.

    And, as good as TS or its product might be, such a practice IMHO is indicative of a company I would not want to be trading with.

    For the record, I am leaning towards Open Ecry as my new futures broker (formerly with OXPS)
  3. TS is a toy for complete tools. I used the platform for 2 months and had lock-up after lock-up after lock-up.

    Finally I couldnt take it anymore. Have been with Sierra ever since. No problems.
  4. TradeStation has been a disaster with lockups and freezes in the last two months! Across the board, too: stocks, futures and options. I've lost some serious money because of them in recent weeks.

    They're arrogant these days and don't care. Maybe after enough complaints and bad publicity, they will.

    I and a few of my associates have closed our accounts.
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    Sorry about your loses. However, there have been no reports of 'across' the board outages for at least the last 2 months. If there were, you will see it within minutes on the 'market data' forum on TS:
    The last outage generally reported was March 07, 2008 15:00 and that was due to a CME industry wide outage.

    There is a choice of TS data servers you can log onto and test symbols for market data, as well as tests for your setup (CPU and internet). If you are serious about your trading setup, you will test all of that, as well as during peak trading periods.

    All platforms "suck" as someone posted on another thread. It is just a matter of finding one that "suck" the least. If there is a viable alternative to TS that gives you reasonable tick data and platform for basically free (plus exchange fees which everybody pays) with 10 rt (round trip) trades a month, please let me know.
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    Yes indeed and TS sucks more than most. Exchange fees are normally waived by any serious broker, IB, Transact, Mirus, etc, etc, etc, which more than covers the cost of a "free" platform
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    I have been using TS for about 10 years. I like it and just use it for their reasonably good data, and charting. However I hate their data subscription fees as I don't use their trading entry platform. It seems weird and combersome to me. But the real nightmare with TS is they don't pay normal interest on the funds you have in your account. Other brokerages generally accure or pay the going 4% or so on a daily based. Not TS, they give around 1% only. Now folks that is a real money drain from your account. Think about it!

    If anybody knows of a data software Co. that will provide the generally decent an easy charting type stuff like what TS offers (no strategy backtesting, etc) I would be very interested, if they offer a resonable price. TS's $130 a month has become a burden. :(
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    They do not offer a demo because their Matrix is garbage. They have good charts but poor execution. I traded there for several years and I still use the charts but that is about it. If you are a serious trader think about paying for better execution software. Tradestation also is not a direct connection to the exchange for stop and limit orders. If you cant afford $130 per month maybe you should reconsider the idea of being a trader. You get what you pay for. The pros use Xtrader at $1400 PER month. They do not use tradestation.
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    Thanks PIPY

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