Tradestation Tech Support

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Robert Weinstein, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. I met with the folks over at tradestation at the Traders Expo and told them about a problem I have been having for the last several months with the charts freezing. They gave me plenty of time and tried to help me out but when none of the ideas that they offered had not been already done they said they would have a top level tech contact me. All I needed to do was send an email to my contact from the show and he would follow up.

    I also had some general questions about the platform and they were all answered very professionally.

    I came back in the office on Monday this week and sent an email to the contact. On Tuesday the tech called and left a message for me. I planned on calling back on Wednesday afternoon when the market was slower. The tech then called me back another time on Wednesday before I returned his first call.

    We went through some settings in Tradestation and also looked at my computer settings. The tech was courteous, intelligent and knew what he was doing. At the end of the call he also made a point to give me his direct email address in case I had any more issues.

    I have had no negative support issues with Tradestation in the past. I will say that in a world of dealing with people that barely know what they are doing and make it clear they don't really care about you and that they are only going to follow a 'procedure' that doesn't include YOUR problem dealing with Tradestation was a very welcome change.

    I have said many times that Tradestation support is really good and today I feel that is the case more strongly than ever.