TradeStation/SuperCharts indicator software 4 sale - Connors, Raschke, Cooper, Landry

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    It appears as if my change to the thread title in my original posting wasn't accepted for some reason.

    Just wanted to point out that I'm also selling TradeStation & SuperCharts indicator software.

    The software provides indicators based on material found in the books of Larry Connors, Jeff Cooper, Dave Landry, and Linda Rashke.

    The ebay listings can be found at the following link. You might have to scroll down a bit or go to the next page of listings to find them.


    -- Pig
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    I still have two Jeff Cooper software disks available ...

    * The 5 Day Momentum Method

    * Hit and Run Trading Indicator

    Both are for TradeStation and Supercharts, version 1.0, copyr righted 1997 and 1996, respectively.

    It comes in a 3.5" floppy disk. The users manual is included with both.

    I'll sell either one for $10 each, with shipping included in this price via media mail in the continental United Sates.

    I'll sell both for $17.00 total, with shipping included.

    I won't be held responsible if it gets lost in the mail though, so toss in an extra $1 if you want insurance and delivery confirmation.

    Payment by PayPal only, with delivery to a confirmed PayPal address.

    Drop me an email or private message if you are interested.

    Please note that these items aren't being offered for sale on ebay, so you won't find them in the link above.
  3. hey pig,

    no software on the link.

  4. pig2006


    Hey Surf,

    The original auction for those items ended, that's why you don't see any software items in that link. I'll update my original posting to clarify.

    I'm selling these 2 software disks directly to the consumer, no middleman!

    - Pig
  5. ok, thanks pig. i think connors has a great mind for trading and seems to think outside the box---- i have some interest in testing his software.

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    Both software disks have been sold. Thanks all for your interest.