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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by gmst, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Does anyone has experience with Tradestation Strategy Network as a strategy developer? Are you happy with the money you are able to make? Please PM your experience if you don't want to discuss publicly.

    Personally, I find most of the systems below par - with just 1-2 yrs of backtest to support them. Curve-fitting to current market environment. Only a few look ok to me.
  2. gee, I thought you were smarter than that... Only a lunatic would put a strategy that works on a network. Most startegies are placed there for the purpose of fading them.
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    I agree that most of the strategies on any kind of subscription service would not be true market edges. I have couple of long lasting market edges, and I don't think I will sell them to anyone for much less than 500k. I am however open to sell some of my mediocre strategies on that network - they are profitable but just not good enough for me to use.

    I am always open to hear other's opinion and always willing to question my assumptions/understanding of the world if I am presented with counter-facts. In that spirit - if you are a TS strategy network user or more interestingly developer, kindly reply either here or through PM.

    EDIT: TS is special because imo, it is the most established platform for selling strategies simply because it has a long history and is the platform that pioneered strategy trading for the masses.
  4. Most people on forums will talk about subjects they never had actual experience with.
    Same is the case here.

    I knew three guys who posted their very good (!) systems there.
    They did not had subscribers.

    Ask yourself a really crucial question: if most people (esp. people with money) would choose profitable systems to trade, the markets would soon be efficient. It simply does not happen.

    Most sheeple are always choosing the WORST providers/managers/program available.

    To prove what i say, i consider a public experiment: i can post 5 or 10 robust systems and show you, that TS clients WILL NOT trade them.

    The fear that a winning strategy could become worthless because too many people will trade it is........ hugely ignorant.
    But i don't know if such experiment is a good use of my time, since almost nobody here is seriously interested in reliable trading strategies.

    Again, vast majority of traders will want to trade manually and lose as much as possible, in the shortest amount of time.
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    So, you are saying 0 subscribers for three guys who posted their good systems on TS network? That is pathetic business.

    Otherwise, I like your post. 5 out of 5. Very interesting and a different viewpoint. I would say don't bother with public experiment - it will be a colossal waste of your time.
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    When people start to learn a programming language, and then work on their first programming project, they often don't want to openly discuss or publish their code. They fear that someone could "steal" the code and make money with it. The same seems to apply to newbie traders.

    It's a psychological thing - newbies are proud of their first profitable strategy and fear that other traders could "fade" or "expire" it. But if you think about the possibility that this really happens in a market with a daily 6.6 trillion trade volume, it's about zero. There are only very few special cases in limited markets where a strategy can expire by overuse.

    Strategies do indeed expire, but normally not because other traders use them. I had no problem to publish my strategies.