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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by winminn1, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. winminn1


    Does anybody use the Tradestation software and useing the testing programs and make a good living? After I've read the Charlie Wright's Trading as Business, I'm interseting to do that. Atleast you'll have a road map in your trading. If you do used the program can you shares me your system, because even with the easy language program I'll have a hard time to figure out. I'm thinking about open the account with Tradestation and use the program. Thanks in advance.

  2. nitro


    I own TS since version 3.x.

    If I had to go the route of getting backtesting software, I would get TS6 _and_ WealthLab.

    TS6 incorporates the data into the software into one package, making it much easier than most other software (BTW, if you are computer savy this is not as important.) In addition, it is very easy to get a system/indicators/etc up and running.

    Wealthlab on the other hand is _WAY_ more powerful than TS, as it allows one to do things that are either impossible on TS, or MUCH harder or require add-ons. In addition, there is a HUGE community of WL help on the WL site that is very helpful.

    As far as making money "tesing systems" I do not, but there are plenty on ET that use it on a daily basis to run a hedge fund to take system generated trades, etc.

  3. TradeStation has a monthly users group that meets in major cities.

    Might interest you to check them out.
  4. dottom


    Get Wealth-Lab. IMHO it is hands down the best backtesting software available to the average retail trader. You can even implement more sophisticated analytic techniques using WL, not to mention the abundance of WL community scripts available for free.