Tradestation stp/limit orders

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tango29, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Was trying to put in my trades on TS to hit the platform free jackpot, and I noticed my stp/lim orders weren't going in, but showing a ? in the Matrix orders column. Example on the er2 I have it set to auto lmt/stl order types with a .5 limit for the stp/lim orders. I don't recall this happening before I stopped for a month, but now it won't seem to take. What am I doing wrong?
  2. This type of account and excution related questions should be asked at "Tradestation support forum" where has thousands of TS users, If you realy have trading account with tradestation

    Btw, TS don't provide any kind of customer support for ET forum

    Your another post
  3. Actually I did post on the TS forums, but wasn't getting a response, and still haven't so I thought I'd try here. In the past I've gotten responses quickly on TS, but as I mentioned I haven't this time. Now as everyone here is a trader and there have been other forums on TS and TS actually posts here also, I figured posting here might be a way to get an answer also. This seems to have offended you for which I don't really care, as it was not an offensive question, with seemingly no politically incorrect accusations, yet for some reason I detect a tone of impatience and sarcasm with your response. Please explain why asking here in addition to TS is a problem.