tradestation still hasn't sent 1099s

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gaj, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. gaj


    to some of their clients, in september, several months after they should have been given out to their clients. there are some (maybe many) who have gotten their tradestation 1099s, but there are a group of people who have not, and tradestation has no estimated time for when they will be sent out.

    i talked with an irs agent today who was very interested in the tradestation debacle.

    he told me that they (tradestation) will be getting fined $50 per 1099-b that wasn't timely filed.

    also, he suggested i file a form 3949-a and tell others as well. he was stunned that tradestation hasn't sent out the 1099-b's, and said that the fraud form is the best way to get the irs' attention. they can also be submitted anonymously.
  2. I would not allege fraud just because they are late with 1099's.
  3. Trader13


    For last year, I don't recall if they actually mailed tax docs to me. If you login to the website and check your account screens, the tax documents may be there. Mine are.
  4. wickcity


    i received my amended 1099 on 8/15.
  5. gaj


    thank you wickcity, i found one person who finally received amended 1099s. tradestation told me the first batch had just gone out, and i couldn't find anyone who had received corrected 1099.

    there are a number of people who haven't received corrected 1099s. on or about april 13, tradestation sent out a notice stating that the 1099 was wrong, not to file your taxes, and they'd send out corrected 1099s at an undisclosed later date.