TradeStation - SR - Forex Solution required

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by JLarsen, May 15, 2006.

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    I currently doing Autotrading Forex at interactive Brokers
    using IDEALPROs datafeed, TradeStation and HyperOrder autotrading software.
    I am looking for an alternative solution on
    a larger Forex-plattform, exspecially Currenex.

    As I read, new version of SR now also support trading FOREX.

    So I contacted already MAN Financial for a demo, who are providing Currenex access
    AND SR support for Autotrading.

    So it seems everything in place, SR supporting TradeStation and Man providing
    Cureenex access and SR support, perfect.

    But there is a main differnce between trading forex and Futures/stocks
    concerning the datafeed used.

    Where in case of futures/stocks I can use almost every compatibe datafeed
    (also from TradeStation), in order to effective trade forex I need the original datafeed
    from the forex broker!

    So my question/problem in the combination SR-TradeStation-Currenex is:

    Where do I get the currenex datafeed from, feeding my TradeStation?
    My Strategy have to run on a 'tradeble' datefeed, otherwise the solution seems to
    be somehow incomplete and won't work at all.

    Is there any existing solution yet?

    I thinking about getting data from SRs DDE dataserver and using
    3th Party tools like 'Owndata DDE' for feeding the TradeStation?

    Any help/suggestions/ideas are wellcome.

  2. i use DDE server that comes with the SR platfrom its the same feed you trade on