Tradestation Simulator

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by lassiter, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. lassiter


    Does it exist?

    I spent a couple hours searching ET and the net trying to find a simulator that will work with Tradestations data feed. No luck.

    I put a call into Tradestation but they are unable to make a recomendation (compliance issue)

    Does anyone know of a simulator that would work?

  2. go to tradestationworld and ask them. If they cannot rec one to you then it dosen't exist.

  3. You could run Autotrader with data that you save or Ensign Playback files:

    You're supposed to be able to run Autotrader playback and feed it to any application that you can run from Interactive Brokers TWS API. I run Tradestation 2000i from IB TWS with Hyperserver or Metaserver. Therefore you should be able to connect Tradestation to Autotrader playback with Hypersever or Metaserver. Hyperserver is free and Metaserver has a free demo for 2 equities. Autotrader is also free.
  4. lassiter


    thank you.