Tradestation & Simulated Trading???

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  1. I have not used TS since 4.0.

    Does the present version contain any features to simulate realtime trading?

    If not, are there any third-party products to use with it to:

    - simulate realtime trading during market hours


    - simulate realtime trading by playing back saved data files?


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    The quick answer is no to all your questions. Not at this time, although it is a feature often requested by TS users in the TS forum.

  3. I think Trademaven, J-trader,... all with realtime data but trail version can link to Tradestation 8 (either direct or through 3rd party api like tradebolt, dynaorder,..)for receiving signals.
  4. Thanks for the post.

    Maybe someone who has done this can supply some details.


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    I was thinking about the same thing today. I'm going into the weekend with some code I would like to have all debugged and working by Monday morning, no way to test it.
  6. Check this thread also for zeroline trader

    I forget to say Trademaven links directly to Tradstation 2000i
    or tradestation 8. Use proactive futures and/or flash futures
    they use transact feed which is faster than J-trader.

    All these enter ordery or APIs offer 30 days trail, so don't wait
    , expect for anyone to give you detailed replies, go ahead
  7. NinjaTrader V5 Simulation Edition (Free to use) will be released soon which will support TradeStation's data feed.
  8. “Does the present version contain any features to simulate realtime trading?”

    This depends upon what you mean by “simulate realtime trading.” If you mean testing a strategy against past data the answer is yes (its called backtesting). Both TS8 and TS2000i backtest and provide a detailed test report.

    If you mean presenting historical data to the user as if it was realtime and allow the user to make discretionary trading decisions the answer is yes (at least with TS2000i and I assume with TS8, which I haven’t used). It’s not a build in feature, but it’s an easy way to learn discretionary trading:

    1. Load a historical data.

    2. Insert desired indicators.

    3. Scroll back to the beginning of the data.

    4. Click on the forward arrow of the scroll bar; a price bar will appear on the right-hand edge of the screen.

    5. Analyze the price bars pattern and indicators and make Buy/Sell/Hold decisions.

    6. Record Buy/Sell decision and executed price in an Excel spreadsheet for latter analysis.

    7. Goto step 4.

    Its not automated, but believe me it’s great way to learn about the behavior of price data and indicators. I’ve done it with years of 5-minute bars and learned a great deal from the exercise. Clicking the forward arrow may sound repetitive, but if that bores you then you may not be able to pay attention during realtime trading, where a 1-minute bar can feel like its taking forever to complete.

    If you mean presenting realtime data and allowing the user to enter simulated buy/sell orders, the answer is no.
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    You can do this with TradeBullet without any recoding. Just connect to your live account to get live quotes but send the orders to the Simulation account.