TradeStation Significantly Increases List of Stocks that can be Shorted

Discussion in 'Events' started by MichaelD, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. MichaelD

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    On Monday, October 24th, we launched a significant improvement to our Easy To Borrow list that greatly expands the number of stocks available to short in accounts that clear at TradeStation. This includes significant improvements to the breadth of shorts available for NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX stocks and ETFs.
  2. EricP


    Do you mind telling us how many U.S. stocks are now on your short list?

  3. Ebo


    I understand your headquarters was displaced during the last hurricane. I am sorry you nice folks had to be moved from your home.

    Is that an excuse to leave Brokerage Customers on hold for 45 minutes? Does anyone return email? I know you have redundant servers in Texas and Chicago.

    Can I short TRAD?
  4. mktman


    Less than 10 min hold for phone contact today.
  5. eric i'd say you better lower your stock commissions to .005 for all shares fast to avoid losing tons of traders to ib
  6. Ebo


    Simple issues should be answered via e mail within 24 hours.
    Is that asking for too much?

  7. I had three issues that I emailed TS about. They were all answered in 3-4 WEEKS. Now I trade with IB. Too bad, there were a lot of things I liked about TS.
  8. MichaelD,

    How about TS simulator, portfolio & forward testing? When
  9. You don't have to use their brokerage, when we know
    TS brokerage datafeed will have problems somtimes
    and customer service won't help. :confused:

    Tradstation is top plateform for charting and analysis,
    but not brokerage side

    You are free to move your account to IB
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