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    Hi. I want to use strategy orders generated in Tradestation (8 x) to
    trade in multiple Interactive Broker accounts and believe I need a DLL to do this.

    Hyerptrader does this but is fairly pricey, especially if you're paing in US$. Traderassistant used to work, but they closed down.

    So looking for alternatives!

  2. this would interest me as well
  3. Retief


  4. you can do this using tradelink for free, see here :

    nice thing is it works for any broker tradelink supports, including IB

    also we're open source so if you want to add your own features to the link... easy to do.
  5. is anyone here using this ?
  6. Tradebullet
  7. Yes I tried it, be careful with these opensource charlatans. If your a trader and you want to just trade then go with a reputable product who offers support. I have been burned by these guys before, in the end it's just one guy who overextends himself with projects that they cannot complete on time. They get you 90% complete and then try to get you on a monthly support contract = walla!! you have become an annuity

    And if one of your strategies goes berserk and it will @ some point, these guys will only give attention to the highest bidder.
    I love how they hide behind the opensource label, it's like standing on the corner with a puppy in hand while peeping up the girls dresses with a dental mirror ductaped to your shoe.
  8. Hi,

    I'd like to add some features. Where can I find the source for TradeLibFast.dll?

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