TradeStation Servers?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tradestonyh, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Has anybody used MyTrack data at all? - Any feedback?

    Has anybody used the data in TS or other platforms?
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  2. Here is an add-on that seems to a nice setup for data.

    I am still curious though if you can just replace the list of servers in the TS server preferences, with servers from another data company. Then when TS prompts you are the start for your id and password you enter your information from whichever data service you are subscribed to.

    If this is even possible and the new data service offered all the same data, would it feed in properly to TS to work with the charting and indicators.
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  3. that looks like a pretty solid solution to TS data probs and getting international mkts. a little pricey but if it works well it's worth it

    i've never messed with IB backfill, anyone know how straight forward that would be with a product like owndata?
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  4. Which are the current list of datafeeds available with the 2000i, even with the use of external add-ons?

    In this regards, is there any way to access to the TT Fix or Zenfire as realtime feeds?
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