TradeStation Servers?

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  1. I am sick of the TradeStation servers. Does anybody have any realtime streaming servers they use to replace the TradeStation ones?

    I contacted and they are working on support for external programs. I was thinking possibly the Ameritrade streamer or Advanced Analyzer server. I will check and see.

    Anybody know of any other servers to use?

  2. So pal with electronic exchanges, their is always problems, period.
  3. I expect problems, but get more with TradeStation them from anybody else.

    I love to TS charting but there has got to be some better data servers to input into the program.
  4. Aok


  5. Are there any services you can sign up for where you can just enter the IP address of the server in the TradeStation 8 server preferences, use that data and delete the TS IP servers?

    Also where can you download TS 2000i and other older versions?
  6. that would be ideal. preferably a feed that includes dax, nikkei, bund, etc
  7. these QM delays in tradestation are so debilitating at this point I feel forced into seeking an alternative. Are there any products that can feed IB's QM data into Tradestation in realtime?

    The delays result in bad price bars with incorrect closes, leading to incorrect strategy calculation and backtest results

    I either need new data in the TS platform, or something like esignal where I can duplicate the strategy calculations. this nymex feed issue is creating quite a lot of artificial edge for non-tradestation users on qm
  8. Does anyone know what it means when your radarscreen data blips off, then later comes back and all the symbols have a (D) next to them.

    Example: NEM(D)

    If anyone knows, thanks in advance.
  9. It means that the data is delayed - usually because it doesn't think you have subscribed for real-time data. I've seen this before when TS is having server issues. Usually logging off and trying to get connected to a different server fixes the issue (assuming that you have subscribed to real-time data of course).


  10. Thanks your suggestion worked..was wondering why I was getting wierd values in the filter model.

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