Tradestation Securities

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sammy12, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. sammy12


    I am not sure this question belongs in this forum or retail forum.

    Has anybody have an account with "Tradestation Securities"? If so could you please share your experiences both good and bad.

    I am mostly interested in trading futures (E minis and some FX). They currently have option trade to spot FX also.

    Their commission structure is some what similar to IB, but you get an discount of 100$/month on their platform.

    It looks like in this forum has good experiences with IB, but Tradestation platform discount and free 50 future contracts seems to be big hook for me. Please let me know, their offer seems to expire end of this month

  2. ethos


    I'm using Tradestation for over 6 months. Very solid platform. I haven't had any issues. They assign customer service rep to each client. Mine is very quick to response. You would have to open separate accounts for stocks, futures and forex though.

    They still don't support options orders via platform which was a surprise for me as this is not clear from their web site.