Tradestation Securities?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by qdz, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. qdz


    I wonder if any agent or customer with Tradestation Securities (TS) here can answer some of my question below? Although I can look them up on their web site or talk to them on phone, I prefer to get some first-hand direct opinions here. If you can give an URL to the question, it is rather good. If you tell me your true experience and feeling about Tradestation Securities and Software, I appreciate it very much.

    1. Do you think TS is secure and reliable from financial, service, execution, and platform point of view?
    2. How is their support service?
    3. What is the requirement to open an account (type: non IRA/IRA etc)? What are the products, stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, bonds etc? Any interest paid for unused cash?
    4. What are the commission structure? Is it universal to all types of accounts? Other fees?
    5. Is it easy to get money transferred in and out?
    6. Is the software free when opening any account? Or there are different stories for different accounts?
    6. Any further obligations applied to the customers?
    7. Any feedback.

    Thank you very much.