TradeStation Securities reduces trading thresholds and futures commissions.

Discussion in 'Events' started by MichaelD, Nov 15, 2005.

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  2. I'll be very very surprised if Eurex data is offered without brokerage following closely behind. In fact, it would not surprise me if data delays (as in providing the data to end-users) are caused by this. Think about it... you are Joe-Trader TS user. All of a sudden you can for about $10 per month access this data, heck you might get the urge to trade the contracts. Guess what might happen if TS doesn't offer the contracts for trading? Hmm... its not exactly "Ito's Lemma" !

    Of course, feel free to believe whatever bollocks-fairy-tales TS reps spew on their website. :D

    PS. I could never figure why eSignal makes Eurex data available only for the higher priced subscriptions? (i.e higher monthly cost exclusive of Eurex data fee)? Must be some genious in their marketing dept.
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    How do they apply the rate to the level of trading? Is it at the end of the month based on volume done, or ?
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    Sorry hit post while I meant to keep typing. I was on hold earlier to ask, but had other calls coming in so hung up. If the rep is still around, does this mean you will charge exchange fees up front then figure commission level at month end and charge commission then?
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    It's self explanatory on their website.

    The data fees are charged on the first of the month based on previous months volume.

    Commission is on a scale, based on volume, and charged as you trade, if you are unbundled.

    Where do you trade now, that this is so foreign?
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    Wow, ask a question and you have to have a prick respond. I know about data fees. I was wondering if they are going to base commissions on previous month volume, or on a sliding scale during the month reducing as you went through volume levels, or wait till the end of the month and apply the appropriate level? If I do 1500 contracts, are the 1st 300 charged at the < 300 level then the 310 - 1000 level, etc? Or is it all put at the rate for trading 1500 contracts? For me, my main broker all in is around the 1000+ contract range. If you pay the comm. at each level then I guess I'll skip it, but if all at the rate for 1000 + that makes a difference.
    Sorry to bother you EBO, maybe you should just not bother answering since my questions are so inane to you.
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  7. For anyone getting ready to open an account with TS in order to daytrade, you might wish to read this:

    That is what you'd call a showstopper!

    On another note - TS has been perfect for longer term equities trading for me (read few days to a year holding time). No complaints.
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  8. can you cut and paste that link ? I could not read it
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  9. here it is
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    Anybody notice the TradeStation CME fee is going up to $40, and CBOT to $50 12/01/05.

    Is this being passed through from the exchanges or is it The Cruz brothers compensating for the "Free platform" costs?

    I realize it's only $15/month but it's the principle that erks me.
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