TradeStation Securities reduces trading thresholds and futures commissions.

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  1. you still have $55 or so of fee's becasue youy have to pay for the emini and echange quotes? i've ehard very mioxed reviews about tradestaions quotes. many people say they lag> also how much is it to get your scanners programmed?
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  2. No exchange fees. TS still charges exchange fees right?

    Actually, I'm not trying to push a TS/IB comparison/confrontation here, I was just noting what it would take to get me to seriously consider TS over IB.

    TS offers a whole array of backtesting and market scanning capabilities that IB doesn't. Like any comparison, some things are better on one side, some on the other...
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  3. I don't disagree with your point. It just didn't happen to be responsive to the one I was making -- nor did I indicate how many data feeds I actually run.

    I certainly agree about CQG being a topline feed and the need for more than one feed.
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  4. Well,

    I run auto-trading systems so charting is less important to me. FWIW, I use IBCharts which is also free, WLD charts, and the charts IB provides itself. I used to use Sierra and Quotetracker but realized I didn't need to spend the extra $s...
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  5. Do you use WLD as the auto-trading platform? (through IB via the "old" IB-WL-Adapter)
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  6. I have the new adapter...
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  7. Ebo


    By request!

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of the above futures commission plan, you must elect to switch from your current plan to the new tiered futures pricing plan, which will be available beginning December 1, 2005. To do this, simply fill out and submit the change-request form available on the TradeStation Support Web site at
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  9. There is talk that tradestation will be adding Eurex data soon. Does anyone know if this will extend to brokerage as well, or will they only be offering the data feed for charting and backtesting etc?

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  10. Yeah, about a month ago they (TS) said that Eurex data was to be available in a month. :p
    Now they are saying that they are conducting further testing, and the Eurex feed will be enabled when ready.

    Now there's a surprise. Maybe it will be available by about the same time next year. :D

    Unfortunately, experience teaches us that we must take everything brokers and data-feed providers say (not just TS) with an enormous grain of salt... Any exceptions to this are rare IMHO.

    The plan is to offer brokerage later on. Perhaps they will delay the data until the brokerage side of Eurex is starting to look realistic. After all, they wouldn't want you using their data and trading Eurex with some other broker! :D
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