TradeStation Securities reduces trading thresholds and futures commissions.

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    Effective December 1, 2005, TradeStation has substantially reduced the futures, forex and options monthly trading thresholds necessary to qualify for waiver of the TradeStation (and RadarScreen) platform fee. This reduction is in addition to the previous reductions for all accounts thresholds, effective September 2005.

    10 (reduced from 50) or more round-turn futures or futures option contracts (electronic or pit traded)
    50 (reduced from 100) or more round-turn single-stock or narrow-based index contracts

    10 (reduced from 25) or more round-turn lots or
    100 (reduced from 250) or more round-turn mini lots

    50 (reduced from 100) contracts

    For clients with multiple accounts held under the same name, trades for the same asset product for all accounts will be considered to meet the threshold requirement.

    In addition, as of December 1, 2005, TradeStation will also be reducing futures commissions for trades placed through the TradeStation platform as follows:

    New Futures Commissions (effective December 1, 2005):

    25¢ — $1.20 per side, per contract
    (plus exchange, regulatory and overnight fees)

    Click the link below for a complete list of the new commissions detailed by symbol.
  2. Looks good.

    If you offered free data like IB I'd have to give it serious thought.
  3. There is absolutely no way I would trade - day trade that is - with data provided only by the broker.
    If you daytrade with IB data, I would hope you had at least a back-up feed.

    Then again thats just me...
  4. When is IB free?
  5. IB has free quotes on most markets if you trade $30/month in commissions -- that's free in my book.
  6. Yes,

    You sort of changed the subject there didn't you? :)
  7. so if you trade 10 rountrips the data and radar scan are free? or is it jsut the quotes? also what are tradestaions echgnageee's? are they charging you $15 for es emini quotes? ib does not charge for that
  8. Well, you may interpret it as you wish, I thought I made a rather important point, then again my monthly data subscriptions are larger than what is probably the norm at ET (read CQG), so if you received the platform for free I would consider any data fee from TS (which goes to the exchanges anyway) a paltry sum to pay.

    BTW, I trade equities long term through TS, and use the platform as a secondary data feed for SIFs.

    Good trading to you.
  9. Why is different from what Tradestation has to offered? If you trade a minimum, you get free chart too.

  10. r-in


    What do you use for charting? Is the software you use free if you are using IB data?
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