Tradestation Securities NO TAX INFO

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dougcs, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Once again, Tradestation Securities has seen fit to not have available the data needed to properly calculate Sch D1 tax forms as REQUIRED by the IRS.

    Anyone know a workaround or heard anything from them?

    They do have the 1099 form but the data is not in the form required by the IRS to fill out the D1's

  2. Mark2m


    I didn't realize they haven't changed in the least bit. I had TradeStation for 3 years prior to 2005, it isn't just the lack of IRS type of documentation for Schedule D, but the inability to convert there files to something legible via electronic means.

    I did finally sent my taxes by 8/15/2005 for 2004, since received multiple copies of transactions, two of each, second one was the corrected copy (I believe in March) + at that time they split from Bear Sterns so received from two diff brokerages. Any question's with Bear Sterns, or BS was a problem, since never did speak to anyone and remained in voice mail land.

    Trade Station has been quite an adventure with HB (hard to borrow stocks), poor fills, and their data lapses with Futures.

    Best of Luck