TradeStation Securities Announces Lower Commissions For Stocks and Futures

Discussion in 'Events' started by MichaelD, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. MichaelD

    MichaelD TradeStation Securities

    TradeStation Securities today announced lower commission rates for stocks, ETFs, futures and single-stock futures.

    The new pricing, which becomes effective midnight, October 31, will be as follows:

    Stocks and ETFs – Base commissions will be lowered to 1 cent per share for the first 500 shares of a trade, as compared to the current rate of 1.2 cents for the first 500 shares (for a 500 share trade, this is a base commission reduction to $5.00 from $6.00). The minimum commission is also being lowered to $1.00 per trade from the current minimum of $1.20 per trade. Shares in excess of 500 shares in a trade will continue to be charged 6/10ths of one cent per share (i.e., 60 cents per 100 shares).

    Futures, Single-Stock Futures and Futures Options – For electronic futures and futures options contracts, base commissions will be lowered to $2.50 per contract ($5.00 per round-turn), as compared to their current rate of $2.80 per contract ($5.60 per round-turn). Base commissions for single-stock futures will be lowered to $1.10 per 100-share-based contract ($2.20 per round-turn), as compared to their current rate of $1.20 per 100-share-based contract ($2.40 per round-turn).

    Prices do not include SEC or NFA fees. A monthly Base Platform Fee may apply. See for details. Prices, costs, terms and conditions subject to change.
  2. H2O


    Iwould consider trying out TS if only TS would offer EURO based accts. (I think I speak for more Europeans who don't want to have the EURO/USD rsk)

    Will you offer this in the NEAR future ?
  3. contracts?

    will TRAD offer them still at a deep discount and for how long?

    thanks :)
  4. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    Wow. That is very comptetive Micheal.
    I used your firm when you were expensive.
    I find in life, you get what you pay for.:)
  5. Ebo


    Do you think the new commission structure will get TRAD back up to $13 from $7. Too bad CRUZ brothers could not short against the box!
  6. Now less hesitation to use tradestation platform for future use.
  7. IB offer Euro markets?

  8. H2O


    Don't know what you mean, but if you don't know what products you can trade with IB , click here :

    What I was asking (sorry, no native speaker), was that a broker will let me fund and maintain my acct in Euro currency.