TradeStation real-time Eurex data... it's coming... =)

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  1. TradeStation users that have wanted Eurex data realize they've been saying for 3 YEARS that this data was coming. Actually, today was a 3 year anniversary since this topic was brought up on their internal forums. It's actually pretty funny to read the threads ... "within 3 months" "by the end of the quarter" "by the end of the year"...

    I love TS, but this is a joke.

    They don't even allow you to at least download data from another provider, they'd rather the users just keep waiting for them to have it.

    I know eSignal takes some bashing here, and rightfully so, but TradeStation has it's own issues as well.

    I sent an email in to their customer service dept and was told within 3 months this data will be available. Time will tell...
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    Do not hold your breath. I did the same around January and was told 3 months. I think it is their favorite response. I am not sure what the issue is, but it sure not technological. I like e-signal, but would love to have another equivalent option. I mostly trade Eurex products, and it is the biggest derivatives exchange, I just do not understand why they would not add it.
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    You might want to check out for Eurex alternative.
  4. Red - yeah, I have noticed that most things will be done in 3 months. This particular thread on their forum is a great example. Maybe they meant 3 years but typed months instead. :confused:
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    I dont want this to turn into a bash Tradestation session just noticed something funny a couple of builds ago in TS..... I saw that they had listed as "Coming Soon" the functionality that allows you to trade off a Continuous Futures Contract without having to use a workaround. I dont know what the number of days or weeks is in a "Coming Soon" but its been 6 months and there is no sign of it and there have been subsequent builds...... Again not difficult to do just foot dragging......
  6. TS e-mail support s u c k s !!!!!!!!!!!

    IB e-mail support TOO !!!!!!!!
  7. It appears that 'customer service' doesn't mean much too many of these vendors. At least TS has an 800#. :)
  8. Noticed you didn't mention anything when TradeStation did come out with Eurex data. I love TradeStation.
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    I was wondering if anyone had applied their strategies to the Eurex Data from TS and if they had are they automating trades off that data......
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