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    I purchased ts2ki 9 years ago direct from omega research and resintalled it on a new computer last week. It installed perfect - cuz it's legal. But when I go to create a new chart it tells me that my password has expired. How can this be? I bought it legally. I emailed omega research 3 times and they have not answered me. i even uninstalled and reinstalled with same result.

  2. you expect a 9 year old piece of software to be installed, logged in and work without issues???
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    why not? What does the software know about time?

    I have 100's of licensed pieces of software that will still nstall and run perfect.

    I have the keycode and the keycode worked perfect during the install and it's a brand new computer. TS behaves totally normally except when I go to open a new chart - it gives me a expired password message.

    When I licensed the software it was for forever. I never purchased it on a payment plan. It's very rude for Omega Research not even to answer a email - much less chat or phone support.
  4. It is painful how simple some people can be.

    Try thinking up reasons it may not work... Here is only one of many examples - try to open up a file saved normally in MS Word 2007, using Word 2003, or earlier versions.

    I do not plan to respond again, so this is a rhetorical question...
  5. why rcanfiel, too busy working on yet another worthless system of your own here?