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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by infolode, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Does one need a tradestation brokerage account to lease the Tradestation software?

    I'm only interested in the software, not the complete platform.
  2. dang! it used to be 199/mo without the brokerage account. they must have increased recently.
  3. Yes it has just increased I want to say in the last month
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    You should take a look at TradersStudio. We currently have a offline product with intra-day backtesting. Our software has portfolio level testing and totally programmable money management,features TradeStation does not have. In addition we can migrate your existing EasyLanguage code to TradersStudio in a few mouse clicks. Best of all this costs you a ONE TIME FEE of $499.00.

    We have a real time version where you can choose your own broker currently in beta , which will be available to existing customers of our product for a $399.00 upgrade.

    If you want to see a overview of the product here is the link.